Molly's Dream

Essential Question 1: What dream does Molly have?
Essential Question 2: What will she need to do to make her dream come true?

This passage is about a girl named Molly who works as an endentured servant in America. She works for a seamtress and learned to knit, sew, and stitch. She hopes that her family can be reunited after it shattered like leaves in a storm. She was making a sampler of a pond, ducks, geese, and a dog. She longed for that and enjoyed working on it. She wanted to be as skilled as her employer was, and she also wanted to be a talented seamtress too. So Molly decided to tell Mrs. Simmons, her employer her dream tonight.

1. I think that Molly's dream was that she wanted to be with her family like it was before it shattered, she wants to be a talented seamtress and live near a pond with ducks, geese, and a dog.
2. To make her dream come true, she needs to finish the duration of her indentured contract and when she is free, she can get together with her family, and live in a house near a pond with ducks, geese, and a dog.

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