Cultural Encounters and Immigration

Why do people move? Well, they could be moving for reasons like economic opportunities in another area or country. Or maybe they could be escaping a raging war. It could be because they don't want to be forced to believe a certain religion and fled for their own freedom. They might move because of a lack for food in their old area and moved to a different region where it is more suitable for growing crops. Another good reason might be because of political reasons. My family was only moved to America since there were no political rights in Hong Kong. Or, people might move, simply because they need more space.

Moving to a new place probably means that people there will speak a different language. It will become hard for one to communicate and might even cause conflict. If a person shouts, it doesn't mean the words are rude, so one might misunderstand and get into a fight. If one doesn't know a language it would be hard even to go grocery shopping. That is why knowing how to communicate to others nicely is very important.

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